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Today's AV systems are increasingly becoming more integrated than ever before. Our System Desing & Engineering process allows us to work with you to identify the requirements for your particular application. Our expertise assures you of receiving the most up to date solution for your situation....More

A very important, yet frequently overlooked aspect of an audio and/or video system design is the installation of the system. It is imperative that proper connection practices are implemented, and that every applicable electrical code is observed. Wiring must be concealed as much as possible, so that the finished system blends with the existing decor of the building....More

AV System Repair

Many times we are called to come out and determine what it will take to replace an existing AV system only to find that what is wrong with the existing AV system is a....More

A1 / A2 Audio Engineer

Live Sound and Corporate Sound Reinforcement engineering services. We love mixing LIVE's such a great pleasure to be involved in something that happens in second takes.....especially when it all comes together and creates a ...More

3-D Electro-Acoustic Design & Analysis

Utilizing state of the art computer software, we are able to recreate any space and analyze the acoustics. We refer to this as "room modeling". We can then analyze the speakers in conjunction with their placement to verify even coverage throughout the listening area. We also take their into account the type of seating (upholstered or non), carpeting with padding or not, wall substance of brick or drywall, painted or textured....More

Audio System Calibration

While it is true that an audio system is only as good as the room it is in, it's also true that a properly tuned, time-aligned and phase-corrected audio system can dramatically increase the performance of an audio system....More